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Printing Gift Receipts

You can print a gift receipt when closing the tickets and select what items will appear on the gift receipt. A gift receipt will exclude item pricing, item total, and payment information. This article describes how to enable and use the Gift Receipt feature. 

To enable the Gift Receipt feature:​

1. Log into your POS NCR Silver App, tap the Menu icon, and select Settings.
POS Menu
2. Tap the Toggle icon next to the Gift Receipt Option to enable Gift Receipts. If the Gift Receipts feature is enabled, the Toggle icon will be green (see the picture).
POS Settings

To print a Gift Receipt:

1. After closing the ticket, tap the Gift Receipt button in the receipt options menu.  You can also print gift receipts when recalling a held/completed ticket.
Receipt printing options

2. Select items that you would like to add to the gift receipt.
Note: This feature is to only filter the items to be included when printing the gift receipt. Once printed, Silver does not remember what items were selected.
Gift receipt items selection
3. If a customer makes a return using the gift receipt, Silver will recall the original ticket with all the items it had and use it to do the return.

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