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POS App Reports

To help you track your business, employees with the proper user role can access reports via the POS.

To run reports:

  1. Open the Slide-Out Menu and tap Reports
  2. Select the type of report desired on the left screen panel.
  3. Select the filters. You can tap the device name to change devices or tap date to change the date range. Tapping either filter option will take you to a new screen that you can navigate options by scrolling up and down. Tap your desired filter then tap done.
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Shift Summary:  Shift Summary reports include both open shift reports (X-reports) and closed shift report (Z-reports). Shift summary includes sales, pay in/out and a breakdown of store functions completed, for example, no sale and price override.

Both of the report types above can be run for today, yesterday, or a custom date range.  (The Shift Summary report uses the date the shift was opened when finding shifts that match your selected date criteria.  The current open shift for that device will always display first in the list.) The reports can be viewed onscreen and/or printed to the receipt printer

Hourly Sales Report:  The Hourly Sales report provides data including quantity of transactions, labor hours, net sales etc. broken down by hour or half hour. The hourly sales report uses data from all devices in the store.

Store Summary: The Store Summary report combines all of the shifts in a store to show you an overview of the business in a given period of time.