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Before You Setup Your Hardware

NOTE: You will need your NCR Silver Back Office ( username and password ready for registration. They will be included in the welcome email you received from NCR


  1. Be sure to check if there is an open Device Slot in Back Office by:
    1. Go to the NCR Silver Back Office (
    2. Login with your credentials (Note: You should have received an email. If not please contact our support team for assistance)
    3. At the top right of the screen you will see your name. Click on your name
    4. Navigate to “My Account” and then on the left-hand side choose “My Devices”
    5. Check to see if there is a PRIMARY device slot already open. *If so and you’ve only purchased one register you can skip ahead to Hardware Setup otherwise continue to the next step
    6. Add additional device slots if more than one register has been purchased:
      1. Click the Green “+” Symbol labelled add a device towards the right hand of the screen.
      2. Click “OK” to acknowledge that each additional slot/device after the Primary, will carry an additional monthly fee
      3. Give each slot a station name to identify it (i.e. Station 2, Station 3, etc..)
      4. Press save changes
  2. Feel free to check out video training located at

Setting up the PX10 Station

  1. Connect the PX10 Station to a power source and turn on the device
  2. Connect to the Internet (Ethernet is recommended)
    1. Ethernet – Ensure that the ethernet cable is connected from the device and directly into your router. (Note: Ethernet is the recommended internet connection)
    2. Wi-Fi – ensure that you know the Wi-Fi network name and password. As a reminder, the Wi-Fi network should be a secure private connection not shared with guests and employees.
      1. Tap the Options icon on the POS Home screen
      2. Tap Settings
      3. Scroll near the bottom of the page and tap Android Settings
      4. Tap Network and Internet
      5. Tap Wi-Fi
      6. Select the desired network
      7. Once connected, tap the home button, which will send you to the POS Home screen
  3. Complete the device registration
    1. The device will already have the NCR Silver Application pre-loaded on it, so do not be surprised when the device pops up with a registration screen
    2. Enter your NCR Silver Back Office username and password
    3. Choose the device slot for this station (i.e. Station 1)
  4. Repeat steps 2 to 3 for additional devices
  5. If additional hardware is to be connected, look for these instructions later on in this document


Full Hardware Setup of PX10 Station and accessories

User-added image


PX10 Station Ports Review

 User-added image 

Receipt Printer & Cash Drawer Hardware Setup

Model information:

            Receipt Printer – SRP350plusiii

            Cash Drawer – 16” M-S model

Connecting the Receipt Printer Hardware (USB Option):

  1. Plug in the receipt printer power cable
  2. Connect the receipt printer to the PX10 station using the USB cable
  3. Insert a roll of paper into the receipt printer, then turn the printer on by pressing the power switch on the front of the printer

Connecting the Cash Drawer:

  1. Locate the RJ12 Cash Drawer port on the bottom of the PX10 station
  2. Locate the drawer kick cable on the bottom of your cash drawer.
  3. Connect one end of the cable to the cash drawer (labeled “Cash Drawer”) and the other to the PX10 (labeled “Printer”)


Receipt Printer & Cash Drawer Software Setup

  1. Locate the NCR Silver application
  2. Log into the NCR Silver application by entering your POS PIN
  3. Tap the “3 lines” icon in the top left corner of the NCR Silver application to open the slide out menu
  4. From the slide out menu, tap “Hardware Settings”

User-added image

Receipt Printer Software Connection (USB Option):

  1. Click “Add” button next to printers
  2. The printer will be auto discovered if it’s plugged in via USB. You have the option to connect printers via Bluetooth, but USB is the recommended method
  3. Make sure to set the Printer as default and give it a unique name

Cash Drawer Software Connection

  1. If using a cash drawer, you will need to go back to the settings drop down and under printers there is a section labelled “Cash Drawer”.
  2. Press the “Configure” icon
  3. Select the printer the cash drawer is attached to
  4. Give the cash drawer a name to be used for shift reporting.
  5. Back out to the “My Hardware” screen.
  6. Tap the blue Test button next to “Cash Drawer”; the cash drawer will automatically open.

PX10 Accessories Setup

Customer Display

  1. Connect the USB end of the customer display USB cable into the PX10 base and the other end into the customer display unit. Secure the USB with the screw. 
  2. Enter into the NCR Silver application
  3. From the slide out menu, tap “Hardware Settings” and view the customer display now showing as “Connected”


  1. Connect the USB cable end into the PX10 base and the other end (ethernet) into the base of the scanner.
  2. Locate and have ready the Quick start guide that came with the printer.
  3. To configure the scanner, you will need scan the command barcodes: “Set as default” then “HID Keyboard Emulation” then “Carriage Return”. These codes are outlined in the quick-start guide that comes with it.
  4. Enter into the NCR Silver application
  5. From the slide out menu, tap “Hardware Settings” and view the scanner now showing as “Connected”

Credit Card Reader (MSR)

  1. This device is already attached to the screen of the PX10 station
  2. Enter into the NCR Silver application
  3. From the slide out menu, tap “Hardware Settings” and use the TEST button to verify that this is working

Credit Card Reader (EMV)

This device (RP457) needs to be attached to the Customer Display unit with a bracket For the NCR Silver Back Office terminal set up, please contact our Customer Success for further steps


Support for NCR Silver





Concierge Team

Schedule an appointment

Additional data base training available upon request

[email protected]

● Initial setup and training of all merchants within the first 30 days.

Customer Success

Available 24/7/365


●Phone/Text: (877) 270-3475

●Email: [email protected]

●Self-help page:

●Operational Update Page:

●Escalated Support: [email protected]

● General questions and troubleshooting

● Hardware replacement

● App stops working




Technical Support Issues

How To Open a Case:

If you have a technical/support issue, you can open a case using one of the following methods:

  1. Call or Text the support line: (877) 270-3475
  2. Email [email protected] , you will have a case number returned to you.
  3. Chat with a representative via the Back Office (
  4. Log a ticket through HELP TAB in the Silver Back Office, open your own incident.


Needed Case Information:

When submitting a case, the following information helps our team resolve your issue more quickly:

  1. Your name, phone number and/or e-mail
  2. Business name and location and/or active subscription number
  3. Description of issue and what has been done to troubleshoot the issue so far


What to Expect Next:

Calls are answered by an NCR Support Representative. Our team will request necessary information from you and open a case in the incident queue. Your support representative works their cases in the order they are received, with priority given to critical or emergency issues. If you email your incident or enter an incident online, our agents will address these issues via Salesforce and get to you as soon as possible.

If your issue is an emergency or critical in nature, please notify the phone technician so that they can prioritize accordingly. The phone technicians will communicate with our team internally to ensure any issue is worked immediately. If all of the support technicians are engaged with other calls, the next available support technician will call you back as soon as possible.


Examples of Critical/Emergency Issues:

1) Credit/Gift cards are unable to process

2) Unable to Open a Shift

3) Unable to reach Host/ Red cloud on application