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The locking EMV stand secures the Miura 10 or Ingenico RP 750 in place using a locking mechanism to prevent theft. It has an open design which allows for easy card entry. The stand also features an optional rotation plate that allows you to face the reader towards customers or the operator.
 This document provides an overview of how to attach the EMV device to the stand and what mounting options are available if you need to secure the stand to a counter or wall.

Sliding the EMV Reader in Place


The stand assembly kit includes a connection piece with an adhesive for your EMV device. This piece adheres to your device, which can then slide into the stand base and lock into place.

User-added imageUser-added image

  1. With the thinner side of the connection piece pointed downwards towards the bottom of your EMV device (see the left image above), remove the adhesive covering and attach it to centrally to the back of your device.

  2. Press down gently to ensure the adhesive fully connects.

  3. Slide the connection piece into the slot on the front of the stand. Press the connection piece down so that the holes in the two pieces line up. 

    1. Note: once the connection piece is in place, it takes some additional force to remove – even when the device is not locked.

  4. The lock is located on the back of the stand. Press the cylinder button so that it snaps down and the device will lock. 

  5. Use the key included in the assembly kit to unlock the pieces. Insert the key and turn to the right so that the lock release.

Mounting Options


Rotating Mount (Optional)

The rotating mount gives the cashier the option to turn the device towards themselves or the customers depending on your needs. To install the rotating mount:
User-added image
  • Place the 3-holed Base Rotation Plate on a flat surface. 
  • Mount: 
    • If you are using screws to secure the stand, drill guide holes in the surface using the 3 holes of the rotation disk as a guide, then insert the screws to secure the base. 
    • If you are using the VHB adhesive pad, attach one side of the pad to the Base Rotation Plate. DO NOT remove the cover for the side attaching to the counter or surface. 
  • Place the rotation disk onto the Base Rotation Plate’s center screw. 
  • Place the base of the stand onto the center screw. 
  • Place the plastic washer around the center screw. 
  • Secure the rotation locknut on the center screw above the washer.

Fixed Mounting Setup

User-added image

  • There are four holes which allow you to screw the base of the stand into a flat surface. Screw the stand into the desired location using a drill.

  • Mounting Screws are not included.

Adhesive: The assembly kit should include a double-sided, VHB adhesive pad which can be used to secure the stand
  • Carefully clean the stand and surface with the alcohol wipes include. 

  • Carefully peel the coverings of the adhesive and place it on the bottom of the stand, lining it up to fit the circular surface.

  • Carefully select the area in which you which to place the stand. Before removing the adhesive covering, set the stand in place and make sure it fits your store and your operations. Also ensure it is within reach of a power outlet and the POS device the reader will be used with.

  • Remove the bottom covering for the adhesive and set it in place. Press down lightly to ensure the entire surface of the adhesive has made contact with the surface.