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Declare cash tips at clock out


Employees can enter cash tips at the end of their shift. This setting is OFF by default. To enable this:

  • Go to your POS settings.
  • Under Time Clock, there is a toggle switch to "Declare cash tips at checkout".
  • Set to ON.
Note: This setting is only available if Enable Time Clock is turned ON.

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Once you have enabled this setting, when you clock out you will be prompted to enter cash tips.
Note: If you have no tips to declare, you can leave the amount as $0.00.

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Enter the desired amount and tap Done.

Back Office:

Tips Report

The Tips report shows both cash tips and credit tips by employee for the business day 

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Time clock page
A user can edit/enter a cash tip amount in case they forget to do so during clock out, or if they entered an incorrect amount. 

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When you click on a punch to edit it or when you click Add Clock In/Out, you will see the screen shown below.

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Enter the desired amount and click Save Changes.