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Collecting Email Addresses during Signature Capture

The signature capture screen allows you to collect a customer's email address during a sale.

If you have not assigned a customer to the sale, when you present the POS device to the customer for his or her signature, the customer can tap Enter e-mail address, and then type the email address to which the receipt should be sent.  In addition, the customer can specify whether he or she wants to receive email marketing messages by tapping the Opt Out of Marketing on/off switch.

User-added image

If the customer specifies an email address that is associated with an existing customer record, that customer will be assigned to the sale automatically.  If the email address the customer specifies is not associated with an existing customer record, the system will create a new customer record for the customer automatically.

If you have already assigned a customer to the sale, the signature capture screen displays the email address you have on file for the customer.

The customer can:

  • Tap the existing e-mail address and change it, if necessary.

  • Choose to have the receipt sent via email by tapping the Email receipt on/off switch

If the customer changes his or her email address, the system will update the customer record automatically.