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Items List

The Items list is a listing of all of your items in your inventory at the time you run this report, regardless of sales activity.  To view items based on sales activity, use the Item Sales Report.

To run this report, select RESULTS > REPORTS > Items.  Since this is a list of all of your items, you do not select a date range.  It simply returns all of your items.  You can also choose to filter the items by category (as shown below).

The report shows the Category, Item Name, Variations (if any), Bar Code, Prompt for Price setting, Price, Sold by Weight/Measure setting, Tax Category, Available for Sale on POS setting, Package Cost, Units/Package, Unit Cost, Primary Vendor, as well as the  total number of categories and the total number of items you have.  Please note that since some of these fields are not required fields, you may not have entered information for every cell, so there may be some blank cells in the report.  However, if you have entered the data in the Back Office, we will display it in this report.

You can use this list is to export essential item information.  The data is shown in the same format you would use to import items into the system.  If you want to import this data into Excel, or some other application, you will need to do some editing, including:

  • Remove header rows.

  • Remove the two total rows at the end of the report.

  • Copy the category name into each cell.

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