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AirPort Express Setup for the Receipt Printer Model 350


If you have more than one iOS device that needs to print to the same kitchen printer and a wired connection is not possible, we suggest you connect wirelessly using the Airport Express.

Before you begin

  1. Connect your iOS device to your wireless network. Keep your password available.

  2. Turn off all other printers and AirPort Express devices other than the ones you are setting up.

  3. Make sure you know the name of your store’s wireless network and its password.

  4. Plug the AirPort Express power cord into a power outlet. The Airport Express status light should initialy glow amber during startup and then begin flashing during setup.

Extending your existing wireless network using the AirPort Express

  1. On your iOS device, tap Settings to open the Settings app and then tap Wi-Fi.  Scroll to the bottom to find Set up an AirPort Base Station and tap the name of your Airport Express.  If you do not see the AirPort Express initially, turn the Wi-Fi Off and then back On.

  2. Tap Other Options… then tap Next.

  3. Tap Add to an Existing Network, then tap Next.

  4. Choose your existing wireless network and tap Next.  You may notice activity with the light on the AirPort Express.  It should eventually glow green.
  5. Enter and verify your wireless network password (shown as Base Station Password) and tap Next.

  6. Save the password and tap Done.

Connecting the Model 350 printer

  1. Using the supplied Ethernet cable, connect your receipt printer to the port labeled <···> on the Airport Express.

  2. Wait one minute for printer to gain an IP address

  3. Open the POS app on your iOS device.

  4. Tap the Home icon and then tap User-added image.

  5. Tap Configure Printers.

  6. Tap Find New Printer.

  7. Tap Wired Directly to Router.

  8. Do one of the following:

  • If the POS app finds the printer, configure it and tap Done.  That's it!  You have completed the setup.

  • If the POs app does not find the printer, continue with step 9.
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to find and enter your printer's IP address.  The IP address should begin with 153.xxx.xxx.xxx.  If you IP address  is a different format, unplug the receipt printer from the Airport Express and start again.
  • Press the Feed button on the printer a second time to print a test page.

  • f you see an error message, you will need to enter the IP address again before it is accepted.

  • If you continue to see the error message, reprint the IP address and confirm it is correct.

  1. Once your pri nter is found, configure it and tap Done.  That’s it!  You have completed the setup.