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Checkout Options

Checkout options can be set and changed in the POS Settings. These options help you determine what steps are automated or prompted for during the checkout process. To configure your checkout options:
  1. Open the POS Slide-Out Menu and tap Settings.

  2. Tap Checkout Options to configure the following settings:

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Cash Drawer: Configure the cash drawer behavior to open at all times, or only for certain actions. See Configuring Cash Drawer Behavior for more details. 

Signature Capture: Decide whether you want to capture customer signatures digitally on your POS device/customer-facing display or on paper when you take a credit card payment. 

  • If "Digitally on screen", the customer can use their finger or a stylus to sign the POS or customer-facing display device directly.  The captured signature will print on the receipt.

  • If "On paper", a signature capture receipt will print for the customer to sign. If tips are enabled, the tip can be written on the receipt and added to the ticket at a later time. See also: Adjusting Tips for Credit Card Sales and Adding a Tip to a Sale.

Tip Configuration: If signature capture is set to "Digitally on screen" and tips are enabled in the Silver Back Office, you can configure suggested tip amounts to be displayed during the checkout process.  You can configure up to three buttons that can be percentages or dollar amounts.  Note: Customers will always have the option to enter a custom tip amount instead of using one of the configured suggestions.

Quick Checkout: When turned on, Quick Checkout will bypass the print receipt option screen and automatically advance the user to the next ticket.  You can also set the option for whether or not you want to auto-print the customer receipt.

Email Marketing: When enabled, customers will be asked if they want to opt in to email marketing communications by entering their email address.  Note: Signature capture must be set to "Digitally on screen" and Quick Checkout must be disabled to see this option.

Customer Survey (Android Only): When enabled, customers will be asked how their experience was in your store as part of the checkout process. Note: Signature capture must be set to "Digitally on screen" and Quick Checkout must be disabled to see this option.


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