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Using Training Mode

Before you begin processing actual transactions, you can use the POS app in Training mode, which provides a safe environment for you to explore the POS app's capabilities. Training mode allows you to learn about the POS app using your store's items and customer records, as if it were a normal business day, without affecting your "live" data. 

Important: Do not complete a pay in or pay out transaction or close a shift while you are using Training mode. Performing any of these activities in Training mode will create real transactions in your "live" store data.

To enter Training mode:

  1. Open the Slide-Out Menu.   
  2. Scroll down to the Training mode area at the bottom of the screen, and tap Enter training mode.

While you are using the POS app in training mode, the TRAINING mode indicator appears at the top of the POS and in the background of a ticket.

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Training mode allows you to learn about all of the POS app's features, with the following limitations:
  • All sales you enter are discarded immediately upon completion
  • Items and customers you add will be discarded when you quit training mode
  • Printed receipts will indicate that they were created in training mode
  • Receipts cannot be sent via email
  • All credit card authorizations are simulated, and you cannot adjust tips
  • You cannot manually enter a credit card
  • You cannot add items and/or categories

To exit Training mode, open the Slide-Out Menu and scroll down, and tap Exit Training Mode.

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