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Sales Dashboard

Click MY STORE > SALES DASHBOARD to see a real-time snapshot of your business. The graphs you see will depend on the option (Sales, Profits, or Transactions) you select at the top of the screen. This screen is made up of three major sections:

  • Key Metric Trend - view by Daily Total, Hourly Average or Hourly Average. You can choose from one of the default timeframes or enter a specific timeframe and click User-added image.  The Y-axis represents the metric chosen, and the X-axis represents time. You also have a choice of viewing by  Daily Total, Hourly or Half Hourly Average using the buttons located in the top-right corner of the screen. The Daily Total displays data for entire days, the Hourly Average displays the typical results at a given hour, and the Half Hourly Average displays the results in 30-minute increments.

key metric trends ncr silver

  • Category Breakdown & Category Trend - select a category to view its trend and the item sales for that category. Click on one of the category bars in the Category Breakdown section to display a line plot on the right. The line plot is a Category Trend for the time period and metric selected at the top for the selected category.

category breakdown and trends ncr silver

  • Category Items - view the item sales for the selected category. The items included in the selected category display in the Category Items section. You can sort the selected category’s items by clicking on any of the column headers to sort by your best and worst-selling items.

category items sales dashboard ncr silver