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Recalling a Held Receipt/Sale

You can easily recall tickets after they are put on hold. Tickets are held to the device. So, you can only recall a ticket from the same POS device it was placed on hold from. The Recall/Reprint button is available only if there are no items on the current ticket.

Follow these steps to recall a sale that has been placed on hold:

  1. Tap Recall/Reprint at the bottom of the Ticket Entry screen.

  2. Tap one of the following options depending on the ticket you are recalling: Holds, Completed, or Orders.

  3.  Locate and tap on the ticket you want to recall on the Recall/Reprint screen.  You can tap All Tickets to further filter results.


  4. Do one of the following:

    • Tap Recall to recall a held ticket.  This places the ticket back into active status where you can remove, add, or edit items on the ticket.

    • Tap Receipt to reprint or email the ticket. The system will reprint the ticket with the word "HOLD" shown prominently at the top of the receipt. 

    • Tap to kitchen to re-send the ticket to another receipt printer.  Select the printer where you want to re-send the ticket. This is mostly used by restaurants to send a kitchen "chit".  The kitchen chit will display a re-sent message to alert the kitchen that this is a duplicate ticket.

    • Tap Clear to clear the selected held ticket.  Tap Yes to confirm the clear.

    • For a completed ticket, tap New Copy to create a new ticket with the same items.