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NCR Silver > Reports > Sales Summary Report

Sales Summary Report

The Sales Summary report allows you to see certain information from the Store Summary report, but for longer periods of time that you specify. Specifically, this report displays the daily number of transactions and their tax; returned items and their price; and the total number of items sold and their net sales. Being able to export a large list of daily sales enables you to have a solid overview of your revenue.

User-added image

To run the Sales Summary report:

  1. Select RESULTS > REPORTS > Sales Summary.

  2. Select your date range.

  3. Click User-added image.

  4. Click on the date link to view the Store Summary report for a single day.

This report shows you:

The business day broken down by the number of transactions, the tax dollars, number of returns with the dollar amount of the return, the total number of items sold and the resulting net sales amount.

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