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Setting Up and Using the Cordless Bar Code Scanner

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Items can be entered into a ticket on the POS using the system-approved hand-held bar code scanner provided. This bar code scanner uses Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to the POS device.  This bar code scanner supports 1D bar codes, but it does not support 2D, 3D, or 4D bar codes.

Setting Up the Bar Code Scanner

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Be sure to fully charge the bar code scanner before use.  Initial charging takes about 5 hours with the AC adapter.  The bar code scanner LED will let you know its charging status.  A red LED = charging, and a green LED = fully charged.

  1. Open the bar code scanner box, locate the Quick Start Guide that is provided with the manufacturer’s documentation.  This is the only documentation you will need to set up your bar code scanner.


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Only use NiMH AAA replacement batteries.

  1. Insert the included batteries by using a coin to turn the lock on the back of the scanner to a horizontal position.  Remove the cover and install the batteries in their correct position as indicated by the +/- symbols.

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  1. OPTIONAL:  Tether Attachment – To attach the tether, you must first remove the battery cover.  Wrap the string loop of the tether around the inside part of the lock.  Replace the battery cover and lock it by turning the lock into a vertical position.  If needed, attach the tether to a lanyard or belt for ease of use.

  2. Power the bar code scanner on by pressing and holding down the small Power button in the center of the bar code scanner. You will know the bar code scanner is on when the LED turns blue and the scanner beeps twice.

  • If the LED blinks blue once per second, it means the Bluetooth is active, but it is not yet connected (or paired) to your POS device.

  • If the LED blinks blue once per 3 seconds, it means the Bluetooth is active and connected (or paired) to your POS device.

  • If the LED blinks blue and then red, this means you need to charge the scanner.

Connecting the Bar Code Scanner to Your POS Device

To connect the bar code scanner to your POS device, follow these steps:

  1. Power on the bar code scanner by pressing the Power button in the middle of the bar code scanner.

  2. IMPORTANT:  Go to page 6 of the Quick Start Guide document included in the scanner box. The page is titled Apple iOS: iOS Mode.  The picture below is the bar code that you need to capture.  Please note that you will not be able to scan it from the screen, but you can print this page to ensure you have the correct bar code – just in case you cannot find the bar code scanner’s Quick Start Guide later.

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  1. Scan the bar code (#FNB00F40002#) in the middle of this page by aiming the bar code scanner at the bar code and pressing the large black button at the top of the bar code scanner until you hear the confirmation beep.

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You may want to make a copy of this bar code and keep it handy.  You will need to scan this bar code again if you ever need to reset your bar code scanner.

  1. Go to your POS device and tap Settings.

  2. Tap Bluetooth.

  3. Swipe Bluetooth to ON.  Any Bluetooth devices recognized by the device will be listed, including the Socket CHS.

  4. Tap Socket CHS to finalize the connection.

You should not have to pair the bar code scanner to your POS device more than once, even if you power off the bar code scanner.

Note that this bar code scanner can only pair with one specific device at any one time.  If you want to connect the bar code scanner to a different device, you will need to reset the bar code scanner’s factory setting before trying to connect to a new device.

This feature is only available on the iOS platform.

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