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Adding Not-on-File Items at the POS

If you scan a bar code at the POS that has not been previously entered in the Back Office, you can add it to your system from the POS Ticket screen.  After scanning a bar code the system cannot find, you will see a Bar code not found pop-up with 3 options.

User-added image

  1. Link to existing item allows you to add this bar code to an item already in your system:

  • Tap Link to existing item.

  • Find the item using the Item Search or Category and Item buttons on the POS, then select and confirm your choice.

  1. Create new item allows you to add this item to your system:

  • Tap Create new item.

  • Fill in the details you want assigned to that item, including category, description, price, and tax, and then tap Save.  Wait while the system adds the item and returns you to the Ticket screen.

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  1. Delete allows you to remove that item from the ticket.

Items added from a POS device will be automatically updated to the Back Office and available and ready for sale on all other POS devices within minutes.  However, you will need to go to the Back Office and update this item with additional, important information, such as vendor, cost, quantity on hand, etc.

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