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POS Transactions

Use POS Transactions to find details of all transactions in the history of your store. This screen is also helpful if you ever need to confirm that a transaction took place.

IMPORTANT: As per our data retention policy: You can only view POS transactions which are a rolling 13 months old (13 months from the date you are viewing on).

POS Transactions Back Office NCR Silver

To view POS Transactions:


  1. Select the RESULTS tab.
  2. Select the POS TRANSACTIONS subtab.
  3. Choose the specific transactions you want to see by selecting one of the default timeframes or by entering a specific timeframe and clicking . You can also search for a specific ticket by any of the column names in the grid or sort the grid by the transaction type (AllSale, ReturnPay InPay OutClear) using the Filter By dropdown.
  4. Select any transaction and the details of that ticket will display at the bottom of the screen. The Ticket Detail tab will show you exactly which POS operator made the sale and which POS station they used. Click on the Lines tab for the ticket’s line item detail. Click on the Payments tab to see form(s) of payment. You can also click on the Taxes tab to see taxes paid on the ticket.
  5. Click Preview Receipt to view the receipt for the highlighted transaction at the top.


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  6. You can also print and email the previewed receipt. Before emailing the receipt, make sure you have typed the correct email address in the Address field.
  7. To export your transactions into a reportable file format, use the Export button at the top of the screen. This will download two .csv files containing the same transactions included in your search results. The first .csv file will contain ticket summary and payment information. The second will include the line details from each of the tickets.