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House Accounts enables merchants to charge established clients on the date of sale, but bill them at a later date. Scenarios in which you may consider using house accounts include catering customers, delivery services, hotel room charges, manager comps, and forward day charges among others. 

When setting up house accounts:

  • You establish house accounts in Back Office before you can use them at the POS.
  • You must link a customer with a house account. You may also link additional customers to a single house account.
    • For example, at ABC Company, Sarah Smith and Tim Jones are authorized to charge food on behalf of ABC Company at CD’s Café. Sarah is the bookkeeper and is responsible for paying the account monthly. Thus, she is the house account owner. Tim is linked to the account as a customer, making him eligible to charge food as well. When either Sarah or Tim walk into CD’s Café, the cashier will look up Sarah or Tim at the POS in order to link the house account to the order.
  • You create house accounts at the store level.
  • You define the maximum credit limit for a house account, up to $99,999.00
  • You may disable a house account without deleting it.
  • Once you create your first house account, a house account tender appears on the POS.

In the Back Office, you can perform the following functions:

  • Enter account activity, such as credits, debits, and payments received.
  • Create statements, which can be exported into a variety of formats and sent to customers.
  • View two reports, House Accounts and House Accounts Activity.

At the POS, you can perform the following functions:

  • Charge a guest check to a house account.
  • Search for a house account by searching for a linked customer record.
  • Accept payment for an outstanding balance through the use of a house account charge.
NOTE: Internet connection is required to charge a guest check to a house account or accept payment for a house account at the POS.