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Setting Up the Countertop Receipt Printer Model 350

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Before You Begin

  1. Remove all of the packaging from the individual components inside the box.

  2. Plug the power cord into the power brick.

  3. Locate the blue switch on the top of the printer and push it down to open the receipt paper compartment.

  4. Remove the white slip of paper.

  5. Remove the tape from the printer paper roll.

Powering On the Receipt Printer

  1. Plug the end of the power cord that is attached to the power brick into the back of the printer.

  2. Plug the power cord from the power brick into a power outlet.

  3. Locate the power switch on the front of the printer and flip it to the on position.  The green power light on the top of the printer will illuminate. (If this is the first time you've turned on the printer and there is no receipt paper loaded, the printer will beep).

Load the Receipt Paper

  1. Locate the blue switch on the top of the printer and push it down to open the receipt paper compartment.

  2. Drop a roll of receipt paper (80 mm / 3.125") into the compartment with the end of the sheet on the bottom of the roll.     User-added image

  3. Pull an inch or two of paper through the slot of the printer before closing the lid.


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With the receipt printer turned on, press the FEED button to test that the paper is loaded correctly.


Optional – Attach the Wire Protector

To secure the excess cord and to help ensure a tight connection:

  1. The top of the wire protector has two tabs.  Line up these tabs to the slits on the back of the printer.

  2. Insert the tabs of the protector into the printer and snap them together.

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  1. There are two plastic "tabs" located on each side of the back of the wire protector.  To ensure the printer sits flat on the surface, you can remove these "tabs" to route any cords through these areas.

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Connecting the Receipt Printer to the POS App

We recommend connecting the receipt printer to the router using an Ethernet cable.  If this is not possible (due to the distance from the printer to the router, or if you are using a mobile data plan, you can connect the receipt printer to your iOS device using Bluetooth.