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Putting a Sale On Hold

Putting a sale on hold allows you to continue completing transactions while you wait for something or someone to complete a transaction.  
Scenario: A customer may have begun the checkout process, but realizes they want to buy something else in addition to what they brought to the counter.  You can put the transaction on hold, saving your work on the transaction, and continue checking out other customers while the original customer selects their additional items.  This scenario also works for customers in a bar/restaurant setting who may be running a "tab".

  1. To put the current sale on hold do one of the following:

    • iPad Users: Tap Hold at the Bottom of the Ticket screen

    • iPhone/iPod Touch Users: Tap User-added imageon the ticket screen, then tap Hold.

  2. Tap yes to confirm you want to put the current sale on hold.

  3. If you have the table/tag assignment feature turned on, select the table/tag. 

    Note: If the sale includes any payments, they will be deleted (and the corresponding credit card authorizations reversed) if you place the sale on hold. Placing an item on hold will automatically print the "chit" to the kitchen printer if set up.

  4. Tap the Print receipt button to print a receipt for the hold or tap the No receipt button.  The system returns you to the Point of Sale screen.

A hold receipt is identical to a regular sales receipt, except that your store name and address are replaced by the word HOLD at the top of the receipt
Note: Any held tickets will be lost if you ever are instructed to delete the POS app.