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Setting Up the Countertop Receipt Printer Model 310

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Loading the Receipt Paper

  1. Press the switch on the front of the receipt printer down to open the paper compartment.

  2. Place a roll of receipt paper (80 mm / 3.125") into the compartment with the end of the roll on top.

  3. Pull an inch or two of the paper over the top of the receipt printer’s roller before closing the lid.

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With the receipt printer turned on, press the FEED button to test that the paper is loaded correctly.

Plugging in the Receipt Printer

  1. Plug one end of the power cord into the back of the printer and plug the other end into the wall.

  2. Make sure the power cord is completely plugged into the back of the printer.

  3. Run the power cord through the white clip on the printer to secure the excess cord and to help ensure a tight connection.

  4. There are two plastic “tabs” located on each side of the back of the printer.  To ensure the printer sits flat on the surface, you can remove these “tabs” to route the cords through these areas.

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Connecting the Receipt Printer to Your Network

You can choose to connect your printer directly to your router or connect it to your wireless network.