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Splitting a Payment

Splitting a payment allows you to equally divide a ticket by a specified number of people.  It essentially functions as a calculator -- meaning that it will not break up the items on the ticket by the individual customer.  If you have customers paying with credit cards and with cash, we recommend you process the credit card customers first.

To split a payment:

  1. Select the Payment type.

  2. Tap split check.

  3. Enter the Number of people to split the check between.

User-added image

If there is an odd amount, the additional amount will be added to the last customer who pays.

  1. Tap Done.  The system will calculate the per-person amount and return you to the Amount screen.

  2. Tap Done.  The system will process the first payment and return you to the Ticket screen that will show the balance remaining.

  3. For the next customer, select the Payment Type and tap Done.  Repeat this step until all customers have paid their portion, and the Balance Due is $0.00.

If any of the customers are paying by credit card, the signature screen will not be shown until all payments have been entered.  The receipt will show all the payment transactions.

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