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Loading Receipt Paper in the Model 350 Receipt Printer

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  1. Locate the blue switch on the top of the printer and push it down to open the receipt paper compartment.

  2. Drop a roll of receipt paper into the compartment with the end of the sheet on the bottom of the roll.     User-added image

  3. Pull an inch or two of paper through the slot of the printer before closing the lid.

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With the receipt printer turned on, press the FEED button to test that the paper is loaded correctly.

The receipt printer paper is 80mm (3.125") thermal receipt paper.  You can purchase this at an office supply store or from NCR.  NCR offers a kit that includes 24 thermal rolls 80mm x 230' and one thermal print head cleaning card which should be used regularly to maintain your receipt quality.  You can call 1-877-630-9711 to order the kit, or, depending on your user role, you can click on your user name near the upper-right corner of the screen and select Buy Hardware to order the kit from NCR website.

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