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The hardware you purchase from NCR is designed for optimal use with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant. Should the hardware you purchase from NCR stop working, contact the customer care team at 877-270-3475. If a customer care representative cannot correct the issue, NCR will replace your hardware at no cost as long as you are current on your software subscription fee. NCR will send the new hardware next business day, and FedEx will make three attempts to pick up the defective hardware. If FedEx is unable to get the hardware after these three attempts, NCR will invoice you the price of a new unit.

Buying Your Hardware from NCR

You can purchase hardware online from NCR.
  1. Log in to Silver Back Office through a Web browser.
User-added image
Note: It is necessary to log in with a user role with the access level to buy hardware.
Username Drop Down
  1. Click the username on the top right side of the screen, and click Buy Hardware from the drop-down list. A new Web browser window opens.
  2. Under ‘Silver Devices,’ click Continue.
  3. Under ‘Hardware,’ use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ to add the items for purchase and click Continue.
  4. Under ‘Payment Method,’ enter the payment information and click Continue.
  5. Under ‘Shipping Information,’ enter the shipping information and click Continue.
  6. Under ‘Review,’ verify the order, payment, and shipping information, and click Place Order. A confirmation screen appears.
  7. Close the window to return to Silver Back Office.