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The bar code scanner uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to your iPad. Bar code scanning can help speed up the checkout process and enable you to easily sell and track items. Make sure you keep the instructions contained in the package with your scanner, as they are necessary for the configuration of your scanner.

You must change the mode of the scanner to iOS mode for the barcode scanner to work properly with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant. 

Cordless Bar Code Scanner
  1. Remove the back cover and insert the included NiMH AAA batteries
  2. Press the power button, located on the top side of the scanner, to turn on the bar code scanner. The LED, located at the top of the scanner, turns blue and the scanner beeps twice.
 Note: If the LED flashes blue once per three seconds, it means the Bluetooth is active and connected to a device.
 Note: If the LED flashes blue once per second, it means the Bluetooth is active, but not connected to a device.
 Note: If the LED flashes blue, then red, it means it is necessary to charge the scanner. 
  1. Retrieve the bar code in the section 'iOS mode' located on page 6 of the Quick Start Guide document included with the scanner. The bar code you want to scan has the following characters underneath '#FNB00F40002#'
  2. Scan the bar code by pressing and holding the large black button above the power button. Hold the scan button until the scanner beep three times.
  3. On your iPad, tap Settings > Bluetooth.
  4. Swipe the Bluetooth button to the right to enable Bluetooth on the iPad. The system searches for discoverable devices.
  5. Tap Socket CHS [xxxxxx] to connect the scanner to the iPad. The characters inside the brackets are the last six characters of the Bluetooth address.
  6. Press the home button to exit the Bluetooth screen and return to the home screen.
 Note: If you want to connect the bar code scanner to a different iPad, it is necessary to reset the factory settings for the bar code scanner before you attempt to connect to a different iPad.