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Receipt Printer Model 350: Wireless Connection Setup

IMPORTANT: Multiple Bluetooth printers can be connected to one POS device using Bluetooth. However, due to the nature of Bluetooth, multiple POS devices cannot be connected to the same Bluetooth printer.

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Follow the instructions below to set up your countertop receipt printer (Model 350) using a wireless (Bluetooth) connection. However, if you have more than one iOS device that needs to print to a kitchen/receipt printer and the printer is far away from your router, you can use a NetGear wireless bridge or an Apple AirPort Express.

POS Device Setup

  1. Open the Settings app on your POS device and tap Bluetooth.

  2. Make sure that Bluetooth is On.

  3. Look for the printer name SRP-35IIOBE and tap it.

  4. Enter the PIN and tap Pair. The PIN is 0000 (four zeros).

  5. Open the POS app and log in.

POS App Setup

  1. Tap the Home icon to get to the app's Home screen and tap User-added image.

  2. Tap Configure printers.

  3. If you see the "Printer found!" message, tap Yes and skip to step 6.  If not, continue with step  4.

  4. Tap Find new printer.

  5. Tap Bluetooth.

  6. Enter a name for the printer that is something meaningful to you, such as the area of the store where the printer is located.

  7. Choose your printer's role.  Two types of printers are available to use with the POS app:

    • Receipt Printer — is a receipt printer used to print customer receipts and to provide a means for signature capture if you do not have digital on-screen capture set up.

    • Kitchen Printer — is used to print a kitchen "chit".  A chit contains instructions to the kitchen or other prep area on how to prepare an item.  Kitchen chits do not look just like regular receipts — they display the item name and how to prepare it (via modifiers), but they do not include any price information.

      If you only have one printer, it can be used as both a receipt printer and a kitchen printer.

  1. Toggle the Cash drawer attached button On if you are using a cash drawer with this receipt printer.  This will open the cash drawer automatically.  Tap Done.
  2. Set the printer to Default to have your device automatically print to this printer.

  3. Tap OK on the Success popup.

  4. Tap the blue arrow for your printer.

  5. Tap Print test receipt.

  6. Tap Done and then Close to close the Printers screen.

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