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“To know I can check and see how the store is doing even without being there is very helpful.”
Reveille Joe Coffee, Coffee Shop

Store Summary Report

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TitleStore Summary Report
URL NameStore-Summary-Report
SummaryThis article shows you how to access the Store Summary Report in the back office.
Article Record TypeHelp
Publication StatusPublished
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Last Modified ByCandace Lee


Store Summary Report

The Store Summary report provides an ongoing “check-in” of your store.  The report was previously named the Daily Summary report, and you could only run the report for a single day.  We've enhanced the report to allow you to select a date range and a selling location.

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  1. Select RESULTS > REPORTS > Daily Summary.

  2. Select the date range.

  3. Select a selling location -- all locations or a single location.

  4. Select User-added image.

This report shows you:

  • Gross Sales is your total sales before Discounts, Overrides, and Returns.
  • Net Sales is your sales amount after Discounts, Overrides, and Returns have been applied EXCLUDING taxes and tips.
  • Ticket Total equals the Net Sales plus Taxes and Tips. The Average is the average dollar amount for each line item or row. The Average is calculated by taking the total dollar amount for each line item and dividing it by the number of transactions (displayed in the Quantity column).
  • Payment Types shows additional information for each payment type, including the number of transactions per payment type (Quantity), the Tip Amount, the sales Amount, and the Total Amount. The Over/Short for cash reflects the over or short for that day’s close, if one took place. If there were multiple closes, the report would show the cumulative amount for the day.
  • You can view the quantity and amount of any Pay Ins, Pay Outs, and Deposits from that day. If a close was not performed that day, the Deposits amount would show as $0.00. If multiple closes occurred, the report would show the cumulative amount.
  • Tax Categories reflects the Taxable sub total for each Tax Category and the Dollar amount applied to each.
  • No Sales tells you the number of times a No Sale was performed.
  • Discount Names accounts for the name, Quantity, and Discount Amount of all discounts given at the point of sale.
  • Price Overrides section, you can see how many overrides (listed by override reason) were made (Quantity) and the total amount of money that was reduced from retail value (Reduction Amount).
  • Cleared Tickets shows you the number of Cleared Tickets and the dollar amount.
  • Cleared Items shows you the number of Cleared Items and the dollar amount.