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Using Promotions

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When a guest check contains the items required for a promotion, the promotion may apply automatically, require you to select the promotion from a list, or require you to scan a barcode. When a promotion discount is applied, the discount appears on the line item with the name of the promotion and the amount of the discount.

For promotions that apply automatically, you do not need to do anything to add the promotion. The system adds the promotion discount as soon as the guest check meets the requirements. If a promotion applies automatically, you cannot remove it. However, if you apply a manual promotion (either by selecting it from a list or scanning a barcode) AND the manual promotion uses some of the items in the automatically applied promotion AND the remaining items no longer meet the requirements for the automatically applied promotion, the system removes the automatically applied promotion.

For non-automatically applied promotions, you must either select the promotion from a list or scan a barcode.

To add a promotion manually:
  1. At the order entry screen, add items to a guest check.
  2. Tap Ticket Discount. The Discount/Promotion screen appears with all the applicable ticket discounts and eligible promotions.
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  1. For manually applied promotions, tap the promotion to apply. Only eligible promotions appear in the list.
If the promotion requires a barcode, tap Barcode. Tap Scanner/Manual to use the barcode scanner to scan the barcode (Note: You can also scan the barcode with the scanner at the guest check screen) or to enter the barcode number. Tap Camera to use the iPad camera to read the barcode. (Note: In some instances, iPad 2 cameras can have difficulty reading barcodes.)

If your user role does not contain the permission to apply a line item discount, the Supervisor’s approval screen appears.
The system applies the promotion to the guest check and the discount appears as a line item under the affected items.
  1. Complete the order as normal.
To remove a promotion from a guest check:

Promotions added automatically cannot be removed from the guest check unless you remove one of the items contained as part of the promotion or if you apply a manual promotion which uses some of the items contained in the automatic promotion.

You can remove manually added promotions without removing items from the guest check.
  1. At the guest check screen, tap the line item containing the promotion discount you want to delete. The Modify Item screen appears.
  2. Tap More Functions.
  3. Tap Line discount. If your user role does not contain the access level to access the line item discount screen, the Supervisor’s approval screen appears.
  4. Tap the promotion you want to delete from the guest check.
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  1. Tap Remove promotion code. The system automatically removes the discount and returns to the guest check screen.

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