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Connect and configure the countertop printer
Load Receipt Paper
Manual Send to Kitchen Printer
Troubleshooting countertop printer connection
Redirecting a printer

Connect and configure the countertop printer
The countertop printer may be connected directly to the POS device or the cash drawer via USB cable or connected to your network via Ethernet cable for kitchen printing. When used as a kitchen printer, the printer will print “chits”, which display the item name and how to prepare it along with customer and/or table information. Prices do not print on a kitchen chit.
NOTE: Bluetooth connection to the printer is not supported.
To connect the countertop printer to the POS device or network:
  1. Connect the power cable to the printer and plug the cable into a power source.
  2. Connect the printer to the POS device using USB cable to the printer and plug into one of the USB ports or connect to the router using the Ethernet cable.
  3. If prompted to allow the USB device connection, tap OK.
To configure the countertop printer as a receipt printer or kitchen printer:
  1. Open the slide-out menu on the POS device and tap My Hardware.
  2. From Printers section, tap Add Receipt Printer.
  3. Tap the USB Receipt Printer option.
  4. Select the printer and then tap Next.
  5. Enter a name for the printer.  Give your printer a meaningful name that designates purpose and/or location, such as Kitchen Printer or Front Counter Printer.
  6. Toggle the option to indicate the printer’s role as a Receipt Printer or Kitchen PrinterNote: If you only have one printer, it can be used as both a receipt printer and a kitchen printer.
  7. If enabling kitchen printing, the Printer Groups configuration page displays. Tap the printer group(s) that you want this printer to be associated with and then tap Go Back. The selected Printer Group will appear under the Kitchen Printing toggle.
    NOTE: Each printer group must be assigned to at least one printer, or the items assigned to that printer group will not be sent to any kitchen printer. 
  8. (Optional) If you have a cash drawer connected directly to the back of the printer, toggle the Cash drawer option to ON. When you associate a cash drawer to a receipt printer, the cash drawer automatically opens when you close a cash transaction.
    • You can associate multiple devices to one printer and cash drawer combination. It is not necessary to have a cash drawer attached to a receipt printer; however, you will need to manually open a cash drawer.
    • Type a unique name for the cash drawer.
  9. If this is the main printer for this POS, toggle the Set as the default receipt printer option to ON.
  10. Tap Done. A new line will on the My Hardware screen for the printer that was added.  Tap the Test button to print a test receipt to ensure the printer is connected and configured properly.
In some instances, even though you connect a printer directly to the router, your device may not automatically discover the printer. You can connect the printer to the device by manually specifying the printer IP address.

To manually connect to a printer:
  1. On the POS, tap Configure Printers and scroll to Discover New Printers.
  2. Tap Specify printer manually.
  3. Tap Wired directly to router. The Add Printer screen appears.
  4. Locate the printer IP address by initiating a self-test:
    • Turn off the printer, press and hold the FEED button on the front of the printer, turn on the printer, and release the FEED button. The printer beeps and prints a chit.
    • Under Wi-Fi Settings, locate IPADDR to find the printer IP address.
  5. ​Return to the Add Printer screen and enter the printer IP address.
  6. Tap Done.
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Load Receipt Paper
The receipt printer paper necessary is 80mm (3.125") thermal receipt paper. You can purchase this at an office supply store or from Bank of America. Bank of America offers a kit that includes 24 thermal rolls 80mm x 230' and one thermal print head cleaning card, which should be used regularly to maintain receipt quality.  

To load the paper in the countertop printer:
  1. Locate the blue switch on the top of the printer and push it down to open the receipt paper compartment.
  2. Drop a roll of receipt paper into the compartment with the end of the sheet on the bottom of the roll.
  3. Pull an inch or two of paper through the slot of the printer before closing the lid.
  4. With the receipt printer turned on, press the FEED button to test that the paper is loaded correctly.
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Manual Send to Kitchen Printer
Once you have set up a kitchen printer, you will see a new setting on the POS Settings screen labeled Manual Send to Kitchen.
During high volume times, you may want to be able to start making orders as soon as possible, especially when there are multiple orders on a single transaction. This feature provides you the option to send items to the kitchen printer on demand – not just at the end of a transaction or when the transaction is placed on hold.

This setting is off by default, but if you want to use this feature:
  1. Open the slide out menu and tap Settings.
  2. Toggle Manual Send to Kitchen to ON.
Note: This setting is not visible unless you have at least one printer configured as a kitchen printer. Additional Information: 
  • When this feature is on, a Send to Kitchen button will display at the bottom of the POS screen when you have an open ticket. 
  • You can press this button at any time while you are ringing up a ticket and anything on the ticket at that time (that has not been sent to the printer) will be sent to the kitchen printer.
  • Once you have sent an item to the printer, any variations, modifiers or notes associated with the item cannot be changed.
  • When you place the ticket on hold or complete checkout, any items not already sent to the printer will be sent to the printer automatically.  Any items already sent to the printer will not be sent again.
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Troubleshooting countertop printer connection
  1. Check to see if you can power on the printer.
    • If you can't power on, check to ensure all the power connections are secure.
    • If you can power on, continue to next step.
  2. Ensure the printer is plugged into the POS. 
  3. Try plugging the printer into a different USB port on the POS device.
  4. Check whether you can print a test receipt from the My Hardware screen.
  5. Check to see if the paper is loaded correctly.
  6. Try rebooting the POS device.  When the “Allow the app Essentials to access the USB device?” message appears, make sure you select OK.
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Redirecting a printer
When a printer fails to print, User-added image appears at the top left side of the screen. You can re-redirect one printer to another if a printer stops working. If the receipt printer fails to work, the cash drawer associated with the printer will not automatically open. It is necessary to use the cash drawer keys to open it to provide change.
Note: If you expect a printer to remain offline for an extended time, reconfigure printer settings in Back Office to use a different printer.

To redirect printing to another printer:
  1. Tap User-added image to display a dropdown list of printer errors.

    User-added image
  2. Tap Printer ‘xxxx  xxxx’ is offline message.
  3. Tap Redirect all tickets to a different printer.
  4. Tap the target printer to which you want to redirect the print jobs from the offline printer.
    Note: The printer will print any pending print jobs from the offline printe
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