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Performing Employee Checkout Procedures

Employees with financial shifts must end those shifts prior to clocking out. If an employee has open financial shifts, the system prevents the employee from checking out. The employee must close the orders, or in Table service mode, another employee must take ownership of those open tables.

Once an employee ends a financial shift, a Shift End report prints to the default printer with the TOTAL CASH OWED amount. NCR Silver Pro Restaurant does not allow for the editing of a financial shift once an employee taps End Shift.

A manager enters the cash received amount from the employee in Silver Back Office.

Reprinting a Shift End Report

In some cases, it may be necessary to reprint a Shift End report for an employee.
  1.  At the POS home screen, tap Slide out button to display the slide out menu.
  2. Tap View Shifts. The Business Days and Shifts screen appears.
  3. Tap All Shifts.
  4. Tap i next to the financial shift of the employee whose report you want to reprint. A ‘Reprint end of shift report’ prompt appears.
  1. Tap Reprint end of shift report. The report prints to the default printer.

Using the Shift End Report

The Shift End Report calculates sales and payment amounts of the employee and determines the amount of cash an employee owes at the end of their shift. The report includes sales, discounts, taxes, gift cards sold, payments, petty cash transactions, voids, and credit card tips.

TOTAL CASH OWED is the final amount of cash the employee owes to the store or is due from the store.

Receiving Cash from the Employee at the Shift End

After the employee ends a financial shift and counts their till, you enter the cash you received from the employee minus any starting cash amount in the cash drawer. The amount you receive from an employee should equal the TOTAL CASH OWED amount.
  1.  Log in to your Back Office through a Web browser.
  3. Click Receive Cash for the employee and the date for which you are receiving cash. A ‘Cash for Employee Name on Shift X’ prompt appears.
receive cash
  1. Type the amount received. The system defaults to the expected amount to receive, which is the amount from the TOTAL CASH OWED line of the Shift End Report.
  2. Click Receive Cash. The system returns to the Financial Shifts screen and adds the amount to the ‘Cash/Check Received By Store’ Column. The ‘Received By’ column contains the name of the manager who received the money.