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Tips Report 

The Tips report provides a report of the total amount of credit card tips declared per employee, per business day. You can use this report to identify which employees are receiving the highest and lowest tips. By default, the report includes all employees; however, you can filter the report to display only a specific employee. 

  1. On the Reports menu, select Tips. The system generates a report for all employees. 


  1. Click User-added image to display a drop-down list of employees by which you can filter the report. 

  1. Click User-added image in the Report Preview toolbar to refresh the data. The report appears in the Report Preview screen. 

User-added image  




Header includes:  

  • The name and address of the store. 

  • The selected time period for the report. 

  • The name of the report. 

Employee Name 

The name of the employee. 


The business date for which the employee earned tips. 

Sales (Pre-Tax) 

The total amount of sales prior to applying sales tax. 


The total amount of gratuities applied to guest checks for the employee. 

Electronic Tips 

The total amount of credit card tips applied to guest checks for the employee. 

% of Sales 

The percentage of tips earned. The system calculates the percentage as pre-tax sales divided by electronic tips. 


The total for each column.