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Performing Refunds

Perform a refund to offset a transaction for a closed check that was ordered incorrectly or when a guest asks for their money back. 

  • Refunds can be made to any supported tender type.
  • Refund mode is only active for a new check.
  • You cannot perform a refund on a pending or closed checks.
  • Refunds are not tied to an original sale transaction.  

To perform a refund at the point of sale:

  1. At the order entry screen, tap Slide out button to display the slide out menu. You can also access this slide out menu at the floor plan screen.
  2. Tap Refund Mode. The order entry screen appears and Refund appears across the guest check screen. 
  1. Add the items for which you want to provide a refund.
  2. Tap Refund. The ‘tender’ screen appears.
  3. Tap the desired payment type and proceed as prompted. Since refunds are nor related to original sale transactions the refund can be issued to any supported form of payment.
  4. Close the ticket.