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Configuring a Scale on Android

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Android supports USB and serial connections with the PX10. Supported scales include:
  • Mettler Toledo Ariva-S oz scale
  • GRS60

Required Equipment

  • USB Connection: USB 2.0 to DB9 cable
  • Serial Connection: RJ45 to DB9 cable
Please contact support to order the supported hardware.

Configure Scale to POS

  1. Connect the POS and scale with a supported cable.
  2. Power both devices on.
  3. From POS, go to POS Settings > Configure scales. (The Configure scales option is hidden option if you do not have items configured for Use scale.)
  4. Toggle the enable scale integration to on
  5. The POS auto detects scale and displays the device name
  6. Tap to select the detected scale
  7. Configure the scale units to ounces
  8. Tap Close to exit Scale Configurations.
  9. Tap Close to exit Settings. 
Learn more about using scales here.