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Your POS device automatically downloads updated items, customers, and other important data from the Back Office every few minutes.  However, occasionally, you may need to manually synchronize a POS device to ensure that updated data is available immediately. 

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Your POS device must be connected to the Internet to synchronize with the Back Office. If you are unable to connect to the Internet for any reason, you cannot process credit card transactions on your POS device, and you will not receive updated item and customer records from the Back Office.

Follow these steps to quickly synchronize your POS device with the Back Office:

  1. Open the Slide Out Menu.
  2. Tap the System tab.
  3. Tap Data Sync.
  4. Select one of the following Data Sync options:
    1. Refresh - only syncs changes that have been done in the past 6 minutes
    2. Partial Data Sync - only syncs items, customers, or configurations that have been changed in the past three days
    3. Full Data Sync - deletes local copies and re-downloads all data
  5. If you selected Partial Data Sync option, tap Yes in the confirmation message. If you selected Full Data Sync option, tap OK
    data sync menu
  6. Wait for the sync process to complete and tap Close. Depending on the option you selected, the process can take from a few seconds to 30 minutes.