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Receiving Inventory

Inventory is always changing, whether you are selling items or receiving new items. Keeping track of those fluctuations is important to ensuring profitability. The Receive Inventory screen enables you to know the quantity of items being added to your inventory, as well as knowing the quantity of items you are selling. Use the Receive Inventory screen to easily track the quantity of items being added to your inventory, as well as to update the vendor, cost, and retail price for those items.

Note: if "Track Inventory" flag is not checked in the Extended Item Setup menu, the item will not appear on "Manage Inventory" pages. By default, the "Track Inventory" flag is checked.


User-added image

  1. ​​Select INVENTORY > MANAGE > Receive.
  • For efficiency, we suggest you filter the items that display by Vendor.  However, you could enter the item's name or barcode in the Search box and click User-added image.

  • For each item, enter the quantity received in the green box under the Packages Received column.

  • If the Units in Pkg. is equal to 1, the package quantity is the same as the unit quantity, meaning that do not receive this item in packages.. If the Units in Pkg. is greater than 1, there are multiple units in one package, and the item should be received as a package.  For example, if you receive a 3-pack of socks by the package -- with 12 packages in a box, you would track that item as received by package with 12 units in the package.  If you receive a sweatshirt one at a time (not in a package), you would track that item as received by unit with 1 unit in the package.

  • The system will automatically calculate the correct number of Total Received (Units) based on the information in the Units in Pkg. field.

  • You will see a small red triangle in the upper-left corner or edited/updated cells.

  • If you want to change vendors for a particular item, you can choose the new vendor from a dropdown list of vendors already in your system or you can add a new vendor.

  • If the cost for an item has changed, enter that new cost in the New Cost field.

  • The Receiving Extended Cost is calculated by taking the quantity of packages received multiplied by the package cost.  A comparison of your shipping invoice with this number will ensure you are being billed accurately.

  • Click Save Changes when you are done.

  • You can also add an item from this screen by clicking Add An Item.

  • If you see any small, red triangles, they show you where information on the screen has changed since the last save.