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What is EMV?

EMV is a global standard for credit and debit transactions based on a chip and pin/signature technology that provides a high level of security against fraud. EMV chip cards contain embedded microprocessors that provide strong transaction security features and other application capabilities not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards.

While you would use the chip and signature method (the current US standard) for transactions, you can also still use the traditional magnetic swipes with the EMV reader for cards that are not EMV enabled.

How does it work?

  • You proceed to complete the transaction and use Credit option as method of payment.

  • Your customers insert their cards into your PIN pad and authenticate the transactions using their signature.

What do I need?

In order to process transactions, you need:

  • A new credit card processing terminal, available from NCR
In order to configure EMV for Silver, you need the following information on hand:
  • Terminal Serial Number (located on the back of the terminal)

  • Terminal ID (provided by Customer Care)

  • Transaction Key (provided by Customer Care)

What do I do once I receive the EMV Reader?

  • Once you receive the package, follow the instructions included in the box.

How do I configure EMV for Silver?

Back office:
NOTE: The Back Office instructions listed below will be completed for you by Customer Care.
  • Log in to your Silver Back Office.

  • Click on Settings in the upper right corner, then click on Payment Methods.

  • Scroll down to Payment Terminal and click on Setup Payment Terminals.

User-added image

NOTE: In order to enter the Payment terminal details, your user role needs to have access to Payment Methods.
  • Click on Add a Terminal.

User-added image

  • To activate a terminal, three fields must be completed:

      • Terminal serial number (only the last 3 digits, located on the back of the terminal)

      • Terminal ID (provided by Customer Care)

      • Transaction Key (provided by Customer Care)

User-added image
Once you've entered the information as shown below, click on the green Save Changes button.

User-added image

To pair the device:

  • Navigate to Settings on your iPad, then Bluetooth.

  • Press and hold the bluetooth button on the reader until the bluetooth icon flashes quickly. The device should appear under the device list in Bluetooth settings.

  • Select the EMV terminal to pair and tap Pair. A confirmation message appears on the EMV terminal. A pairing code should display on the reader. 

  • Verify the code on the iPad, press the green check button on the reader and tap Pair on the iPad.

  • "Initializing security configuration.." is the message you would look for to confirm successful pairing. Once ready you will see your Merchant name on the display.

  • Go to Silver > POS Settings > View payment terminal details to verify that it shows Connected.

You are now set up!

How do I receive a payment?

  • Once the customer is ready to checkout, tap Credit.

  • Confirm the amount. At this point, a credit card payment screen appears on the POS and the transaction is driven by the customer at the EMV terminal.

  • The customer swipes their card through the top of the EMV terminal, or if prompted, inserts it into the bottom of the terminal.

  • If tips are enabled, the EMV asks the customer if they want to add a tip.

    The EMV terminal prompts the customer to confirm the total amount to charge their credit card (this includes any tip amount)

  • Depending on the card, the customer authorizes the transaction by:

    • Entering a PIN number, if prompted.

    • Providing a signature, either digitally on the iPad screen or on a printed signature capture receipt.

    • To always require a customer's signature, enter $0.00 in the Require signature for purchases greater than field. To enable faster checkouts, you can enter a minimum dollar amount that will require a customer's signature.

NOTE: If a customer is required to sign, the employee must enter their Silver PIN to confirm the signature as accepted.

  • The credit card screen disappears and the POS returns to the ticket entry screen.

How do I process a refund?

  • Tap Refund Mode

  • Enter the items to refund

  • Tap Refund.

  • Tap Credit

  • Confirm the amount to refund.

  • The Credit Card Refund screen appears on the iPad and the customer must follow the prompts on the EMV terminal (swipe or insert card and confirm the amount)

    • No signature or PIN entry is required (at least, none has been found in testing).

  • Tap Close to complete the refund.