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Hide Empty Categories on the POS App

If you are in a multi-store that sells different items in different locations, you can un-assign any items from the POS and hide the empty category buttons. 

Important Note: You must be a multi-store to hide empty categories. The option is device specific and must be turned on for each device.


  1. Log into Silver back office.

  2. Go to the Inventory page and click the category you want hidden. A store can only hide categories that have no assigned items. You can adjust item assignment at the company view or the individual store view.

    • For company view: Click the item to view its details and un-assign it from the corresponding stores by clicking assign stores under item availability

      User-added image

    • For store view: Click the item to view its details and remove the active on POS flag.

      User-added image

  3. On the POS, open the Slide out menu and go to the Settings screen. 

  4. Scroll down and tap Hide empty categories so that the button turns green (on). 

           User-added image
  5. Tap Close and your empty categories will no longer appear.