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Silver's P2PE

The PCI Council has not currently established certification standards for the recent wave of POS solutions that use Android or Apple devices. NCR does however; meet/exceed the requirements set forth by PCI & Visa’s best practice documents.

Since inception, Silver has been designed to use the latest technologies to protect card holder data.  Our Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) ensures that the card data is encrypted during a swipe, hence never exposed on the POS or within the merchant’s network.  The Silver application can also be remotely disabled on a device in the event that it is stolen or otherwise compromised.  These advanced solutions along with card data security standards found in traditional POS systems places NCR Silver among the most secure solutions on the market.      

NCR’s Secure Pay payment gateway which is used to process all Silver payment transactions is certified under the current PCI-DSS standards.  This certification status can be found online: 
Visa: (type "NCR" in the "Company" search box)