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Selecting Modifiers

Note: To add a modifier to an item you first need to create modifiers in the back office.
Modifiers are options that can be used to give more detail to a customer order. For example, if a customer orders a coffee with cream, you can sell an item called “coffee” and use a modifier to show it needs to made with “cream.” 
Here is how you add modifiers to an item following the above scenario:
  1. If you are not already, go to ticket entry. 

  2. Start a ticket by tapping “Iced Coffee” to add to ticket.

  3. Tap the “Iced Coffee” line item on the ticket screen to access additional tab options.

  4. If modifiers groups are assigned, the Modifiers tab will open by default. If you have moved to a different tab, simply tap the Modifiers tab to return.

  5. Your modifier groups will display across the top, and the group you are currently viewing will show be highlighted in teal. Underneath the group name you will see the modifier options. In the example below we are looking at the “Coffee adds” group to find the “Cream” modifier.

  6. Tap the green plus sign to add the modifier. The modifier will appear underneath the ticket line item in green when it is added

    User-added image.

 You can also use modifiers to remove options that come standard on an item you sell. For example, our customer from before also wants a turkey club sandwich. However, he does not want lettuce.

You can use modifiers to show that he does not want lettuce by:

  1. Adding the Turkey Club item to the ticket 

  2. Tapping the Turkey club line item to open the tabs.

  3. In the Modifiers tab, select the “Toppings” modifier group.

  4. Tap the red subtraction line and the modifier will appear underneath the Turkey Club item in red.

    User-added image

  5. IF you are using a kitchen printer, the modifiers will appear when the ticket prints. So, when your cook is making the sandwich or your barista is preparing a drink, they will know exactly how to make the order.


Note: Modifiers can be priced in the back office. For example, I can make bacon $0.50 extra so that when bacon is added to a sandwich it will automatically add the additionally cost to the ticket total.