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Adding an Item to the Favorites List

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Favorite items vary by device; you must add items to the favorites list on each of your POS devices.

You may want to add your regularly sold items to a special favorites category. Favorited items are marked with a star, and the favorites category automatically displays at the start of every ticket. You can simply tap an items in the favorite category to add them to a ticket.

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Adding Favorites:

  1. Search for an item by using the search function in the favorites category (as shown above) or search from the slide out menu. 

  2. Tap on the item 

  3. Tap Add to Favorites

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  4. Return to the ticket screen and verify it has been added to the favorites category

    • You can also add an item to favorites form the Item Detail tab that appears when you tap an item that has already been added to a ticket.  

    • From Point of Sale:  Tap and hold an item until it "shakes" and then drag it to the Favorites category.  You can only drag items into the Favorites category.  You can't drag items into any other category. Please note this process will not work for our multi-store customers.