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Mobile Dashboards

Use the mobile dashboards from your iPhone/iPod Touch with a web browser.  These dashboards allow you to view important daily information for your store.

Accessing Mobile Dashboards

  1. Do one of the following:

    • From the POS Home screen, tap the Back Office button.

    • From a browser, enter in the Address bar and log in.

  2. Enter your Back Office User Name and Password.

User-added image

Tap Remember my User Name if you don't want to have to enter it every time you access the mobile dashboards.

  1. Tap Login.

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If you want to view the full Back Office, tap the Full Site link.

Viewing Mobile Dashboards

If you have a multi-store account, select the store you'd like to view of the Company View.

You will initially see the Net Sales screen for the current date.  


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At the bottom of the screen, you will see additional icons for:

  • Payments

  • Categories

  • Alerts

  • Sales Trend

Tap the icons to toggle between the screens.