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Adding an Item to a Sale

We make selling items quick and easy. From the Ticket screen:

  1. Log in and you will immediately arrive on the ticket entry screen. Your favorites will appear by default. With certain loyalty integrations, you will be prompted to Start Ticket 

  2. Tap the category then the item you are looking to add. The item will appear on the left panel in the ticket section.

    User-added image

  3. You can also tap the barcode icon on the ticket screen to manually enter a barcode and add an item to the ticket

    User-added image

If you are having trouble finding the item in your categories, you can always search and add items using one of the following methods:

Tap the search magnifying glass icon located on the top right corner of your menu, and search for the item. If you are using the bar code scanner, scan the bar code of the item.

Open the slide out menu and tap Items under the Lookup heading. Search for and tap the item to open additional actions, then tap Add to Ticket.


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Once you have added an item to a ticket, you can change the item's quantity, override its price, apply a line-item discount to the item, remove it from the ticket, or group and ungroup items.

Using an iPhone/iPod Touch

  1. Log in  

  2. Either select an item form the favorites category, or tap Categories then select the category and item to add.

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  3. You can also Open the Slide out menu and use the Item Lookup function. Tap the Search bar, enter all or part of the Item Name or the item's Description to search for the item, and then tap the item button. 

  4. If you are using the bar code scanner, scan the bar code of the item to add to the ticket or to search in lookup

Note:  If the item has variations, you will be prompted to provide additional information. If the Prompt for price at POS setting is enabled for the item, you will be prompted to specify the item's Price. Swipe the small "dot" buttons to scroll through all the available categories and items