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Hardware FAQs

  • What are the hardware requirements for the system?

The POS app runs on any Apple device that can support iOS 9 and above (this does NOT include the iPad 1, iPhone 3, or iPod Touch 3).  Limited space is required for the actual app and app data, so an iPad II 16GB with Wi-Fi is sufficient for most customers.  Make sure you order the appropriate credit card reader for your iOS device - either the original 30-pin connector or the newer Lightning connector.

  • Can the system be set up with a wireless 3G/4G hotspot?

A 3G/4G wireless hotspot can be used to remotely connect the system hardware, including the countertop receipt printer, to a network to complete all transactions and print receipts.

  • Will the POS app work with an iPhone/iPad with cellular data?

If taking advantage of a cellular data plan directly on your POS device, you can complete online transactions, including integrated credit, but you will need to utilize the mobile receipt printer for printed receipts, or offer email receipts only.
  • Does the system have a customer-facing display?

Upon ticket finalization, the iPad can be swiveled on the stand to face the customer for credit signature, with the ticket sales and tax total included on the display. 

  • Will the system work without an internet connection?

Yes, the system will work without an internet connection; however, integrated credit card transactions cannot be completed when offline.  You could process using other payment methods while offline.  Other transactions will sync when internet connectivity is restored.

If a store’s internet connection drops, but the POS device has a cellular data plan, the user could process credit transactions but might need to email receipts, since the POS device would not be connected to the network to which the printer is connected (depends on printer model).  All non-credit transactions can be completed offline, and they will then be synced with the Back Office once internet connection is restored.

  • Can more than one POS device be active at a time?  If so, at what additional cost?

You can add as many POS devices to your account as needed at any time. All additional devices cost $19 a month.

  • What happens if my NCR-purchased hardware isn't working?

Simply contact our Customer Care team by calling 1-877-270-3475, and we will work with  you to troubleshoot the device.  If troubleshooting reveals a problem with the device that cannot be corrected, then depending on your subscription type and the status of your account, we will replace hardware you purchased from NCR for free.  However, if you do not have a subscription type that includes free hardware replacement and/or your account is not current, you will need to purchase replacement hardware.

  • What is the Model 310 receipt printer's operating temperature?

32 - 113 degrees Fahrenheit

  • When tips are enabled, can the printer print a receipt with a standard tip line?

If digital signature capture is turned off, a non-itemized receipt can be printed with a standard tip line.  An itemized receipt can then be printed after that.

  • What are the  measurements of the cash drawer:

15.9 inches wide x 16.7 inches long x 4.3 inches tall

  • What is the range of distance for the Bluetooth scanner?

The range for any Bluetooth device is approximately 30 feet.

  • How do I reorder receipt printer paper?

The receipt printer paper is 80 mm (3.125") thermal receipt paper.  You can purchase this at an office supply store or from NCR.  NCR offers a kit that includes 24 thermal rolls 80mm x 230' and one thermal print head cleaning card which should be used regularly to maintain your receipt quality.  You can call 1-877-630-9711 to order the kit, or you can click on your user name in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Buy Hardware to order the kit from the NCR Silver website.

  • How do I order ink for my countertop receipt printer?

There is no ink, since the printer is a thermal printer.  Make sure you use thermal paper in your countertop receipt printer.

  • Is cellular data required on my iOS device?

No, as long as you have internet connectivity and/or WiFi, you are good to go.  If your internet connection goes down, having a cellular data plan would allow you to continue completing credit card transactions.