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“To know I can check and see how the store is doing even without being there is very helpful.”
Reveille Joe Coffee, Coffee Shop

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Release Version3.0

My Stores

User-added image The My Stores screen was designed for our customers who are using our multi-store feature.
To view account information for your stores:
  1. Click on your username near the top-right corner of the screen.

  2. Select My Account.

  3. Select My Stores.

User-added image

On this screen, you can view and edit your:

  • STORE NAME - this label is used to select & identify stores throughout the POS app and the Back Office

  • STORE NUMBER - this label is not currently exposed to system users

On this screen, you can view your ACCOUNT NUMBER, STORE ADDRESS, CITY, and STATE.  To edit this information, switch to Store view and select the store to update.

For our multi-store customers, you can deactivate a store that is no longer in business; however, you cannot delete your last store. 

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TitleMy Stores
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